In the very beginning, we were set on doing China for Project 2011. However, after the tragedy that struck Japan on March 12th, we knew that we had to change it to Project Japan this year. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of children are now homeless, separated from their parents, left with school buildings that are badly damaged and in no condition to restart classes anytime soon. Although we cannot reverse the situation, we are set to help Japan rebuild their schools, and to have the students resume their education as soon as possible. With your help, we can donate school supplies and funding to Japan, and make a lasting impact on the children on Japan.

How can you help?
Keep in mind that 100% of net proceeds go to a local Japanese organization that will implement rebuilding programs that will directly influence the children.
  • Attending Storybook Skies Foundation Events
  • Buying Storybook Skies Merchandise
  • Donating Online (Tax-deductible)
  • Sponsoring Storybook Skies Foundation
  • Joining Our Team
If you have any questions, or any suggestions/comments on how you can help, please email us at [email protected]. We are open to any new ideas.