We're proud to announce Storybook Skies, Inc's latest partnership with ItSays, a student created and student run t-shirt design company.

ItSays first began as a way for a group of high school students to make a difference in their environment through their skills, namely t-shirt designing. The initial t-shirts they created highlighted important issues; past shirts created support for things such as nature conservancy and the Manna Food Center. Within almost a half month of startup, ItSays sold out their first line of t-shirts. For the Manna Food Shelter alone, over $300 were raised to help feed hungry families during the cold months of winter.

ItSays clothing started as a platform in which people could choose to donate to a worthy cause in exchange for a tshirt that advances an important message. After becoming a part of Storybook Skies, ItSays will hopefully become a much bigger way to help the average consumer easily find and support our cause. ItSays will now serve as the store and retail department of Storybook Skies, Inc, where they will continue to push out products advancing and relaying messages about our cause. Remember, 100% of profits made from the ItSays department of Storybook Skies, Inc will go towards aiding our mission!

Storybook Skies is happy to welcome ItSays into our family!
If you didn't know already, we've been after the federal income tax exemption status, or the 501(c)(3) status, for quite a while now. Not only does this status allow Storybook Skies Foundation to be legally recognized as a public charity, but also allows all donations that we accept to be tax-exempt (along with some other tax benefits). This means that the donations you send in can all be claimed, and are tax-deductible. Here is the proper definition for a 501(c)(3) status organization from the IRS:

501(c)(3) exemptions apply to corporations, and any community chest, fund, cooperating association or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, to promote the arts, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.

Surprisingly, we were able to obtain the actual status in a relatively short amount of time; the preparation of the materials for the application of the status took a lot longer. We will continue to strive to make the Storybook Skies Foundation better in order to maximize our impact on the community, both regionally and worldwide. This is only one step in our overall goal of "happy endings" for all those we help. However, it's still a momentous moment that we couldn't wait to share with you! Please take this as an encouragement for the possibility of greater things and more involvement from the members of our community. Remember, you can make a difference!

With your help, we can look forward to bigger and better things with the Storybook Skies Foundation!

In the very beginning, we were set on doing China for Project 2011. However, after the tragedy that struck Japan on March 12th, we knew that we had to change it to Project Japan this year. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of children are now homeless, separated from their parents, left with school buildings that are badly damaged and in no condition to restart classes anytime soon. Although we cannot reverse the situation, we are set to help Japan rebuild their schools, and to have the students resume their education as soon as possible. With your help, we can donate school supplies and funding to Japan, and make a lasting impact on the children on Japan.

How can you help?
Keep in mind that 100% of net proceeds go to a local Japanese organization that will implement rebuilding programs that will directly influence the children.
  • Attending Storybook Skies Foundation Events
  • Buying Storybook Skies Merchandise
  • Donating Online (Tax-deductible)
  • Sponsoring Storybook Skies Foundation
  • Joining Our Team
If you have any questions, or any suggestions/comments on how you can help, please email us at contact@storybookskies.org. We are open to any new ideas.